How to cook low and slow style ribs on the BBQ

How to cook low and slow style ribs on the BBQ

BBQ Ribs – Low and Slow!

Cooking ribs long, low and slow is the way to go, and here’s a technique that lets you do it yourself on your home BBQ grill, without the need for a fancy slow cooker BBQ.

The trick is to set up a 4-part cooking area on your BBQ. Imagine four boxes stacked side by side, with two on the bottom and two on the top. In the top left box are the ribs. Below the ribs is a large pan to catch the drippings. In the top right box is another large pan filled with water. This adds moisture to the BBQ, under the hood of course, that will keep the ribs from drying out. Below the water is your heat – the grill burners.

The second trick is heat – turn it down! You’ll want the inside of your grill at around 225 degrees, so use that hood thermometer as the BBQ heats up and adjust your burners.

And finally, take your time. Let them cook for a couple of hours and check – they’re ready when the meat is falling off the bones and not a minute sooner. Let them cook while you enjoy a beer. Now you’re cooking with indirect heat with plenty of moisture as the water evaporates. A far cry from throwing them on the hotplate and watching them sizzle. You’ll find more info on this great technique here on The Spruce.

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